The meaning of flower names, Part 2.

Continueing my series on the meaning of flower names with C and D.

The Meaning of Flower Names.

Caladium: Immense delight and joy Camellia: Perfection, Gratitude Carnation (Red): Aching heart, Admiration Carnation (Pink): A Woman in Love Christmas Rose: Allay my disquiet Crocus: Good cheer, Happiness, Do not treat me badly Cyclamen: Good-Bye, Resignation Clover (Four-leaf): Will you be mine? Clover (White): Think of me Clematis: Ingenuity, Artifice Cornflower: Refinement, Delicacy

Daffodil: The sun is bright when I am with you, Respect, Sunshine, Unrequited love, Regard Dahlia: Elegance and Dignity, Forever thine Daisy: Beauty, Innocence, I will never tell, Loyal love, Purity Day-Lily (Yellow): Coquetry Dandelion: Love’s oracle, Happiness, Faithfulness Date-Plum: Resistance Delphinium: Fun, Big-hearted Dog Rose: Pleasure and Pain Dogwood: Am I indifferent to you? Dragon Root: Ardor

Again if anyone has any additional names or meanings we'd love to hear them.

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