The meaning of flower names, Part 3.

Continueing my series on the meaning of flower names with E and F.

The Meaning of Flower Names.

Edelweiss: Noble purity, Courage, Daring Endine: Frugality Elder Flower: Symbolizing Zeal Eglantine: Poetry Everlasting: - Never ending memory Euphorbia: Persistence Eremurus: Endurance Eupatorium: Delay Epigaea: Budding Eucalyptus: Protection

Forget-Me-Not: As its name suggests: Forget me not, Memories, True love Forsythia: Expectation, Anticipation Fuchsia: Good taste Fern: Fascination. Filbert: Reconciliation Flax: Symbol of domesticity Flora’s Bell: Without pretentiousness Flowering Reed: Confide in heaven

Again if anyone has any additional names or meanings we'd love to hear them.

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